Trust Mei CPA Firm


  •  Company/Partner/Wholly-Owned
  • Financial Reports Audited and Certificated (Consolidated Report)
  • International GAAP Financial Reports(Consolidated Report)
  • Business Permanent Development Report
  • Taxation Audited Report
  • Global Tax and Legal Compliance Report
  • Taxation Planning and Inquiry
  • International Tax Management
  • Key Performance Index Evaluation Designing(KPI)
  • Planning and Management of Supply Chain and Sales Linkage
  • The Risk of Operation Administration
  • Consulting for Internal Control and Internal Audit Strategy
  • Consulting for Finance and Accounting
  • International Trading Management
  • Accounting Database Software plus ERP System Designing and Integration
  • Planning and Completion of Specific Project for Business Strategy
  • Corporation of Financial Planning
  • Designing Financial Performance Index
  • Planning and Completion of Specific Corporate Finance Project
  • Registration for Company and Business / Capital Audited and Certificated
  • Proxy for Compilation of Accounting Bookkeeping and Financial Statements
  • Professional Administrator
  • Specific Projects Audited and Certificated
  • Enterprise /Asset Evaluation Service 
  • Forensic Accounting Service
  • Personal Service
  • Personal Financial Planning - Asset Management
  • Consulting and Designing of Property Trust
  • Integration of Financial Planning, including Taxes、Finance and Insurance Risk Control
  • Deputy for Personal Tax Data and Report
  • Deputy for Professional Practice
  • Taxation Planning
  • International Tax Management

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