Trust Mei CPA Firm




Auditing Service ​    

  • Financial Reports Audited and Certificated (Consolidated Report)

  • International GAAP Financial Reports(Consolidated Report)

  • Business Permanent Development Report


Taxation Service    

  • Taxation Audited Report

  • Global Tax and Legal Compliance Report

  • Taxation Planning and Inquiry

  • International Tax Management


Business Strategy Consulting Service

  • Key Performance Index Evaluation Designing(KPI)

  • Planning and Management of Supply Chain and Sales Linkage

  • The Risk of Operation Administration

  • Consulting for Internal Control and Internal Audit Strategy

  • Consulting for Finance and Accounting

  • International Trading Management

  • Accounting Database Software plus ERP System Designing and Integration

  • Planning and Completion of Specific Project for Business Strategy


Corporate Financial Planning

  • Corporation of financial planning

  • Designing Financial Performance Index  

  • Planning and Completion of Specific Corporate Finance Project


Business Operation Service

  • Registration for Company and Business / Capital Audited and Certificated

  • Proxy for Compilation of Accounting Booking Entries and Financial Statements

  • Professional administrator

  • Specific Projects Audited and Certificated

Personal Service



Tax service   

  • Deputy for Personal Tax Data and Report

  • Taxation Planning

  • International Tax Management


Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • Personal Financial Planning - Asset Management

  • Consulting and Designing of Property Trust

  • Integration of Financial Planning, including Taxes、Finance and Insurance risk control

Welcome to join us!​ Accounting、Management、Taxes and Finance courses will start irregulary in the future.

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      In the economic knowledge and innovation decade ,only emphasizing on saving cost will not be really good for the business finally。Through the integration of resources will highly strengthen the business or personal competitive ability,so Accounting becomes more important。 When Accounting integrates management、tax、finance、computer data base system,it is called management accounting。

       General accounting will  bring correct financial reports,not only to avoid fraud,but also support the leader making the right decision.  Management accounting that integrates all business resources assists the company capital or personal to improve the greatest efficiency。 While efficiency brings the most competitive,the business can pursue more profit in the future.

      Our CPA firm hopes that we can utilize past specialized projects of practical experience in different industries, such as banks 、technology public listed companies or all kinds of industry,to assist the business or personal that can take a big stride forward in the management accounting. Hope this will bring your business internationalization as well as more efficiency, so you will be the beneficiary while your business or personal value improved a lot.

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If you need consulting service or have any question related to Accounting、Financial Reports、Taxes、Management and Finance, please just feel free to contact us~~~

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